If you're ready for a world of flavour, you've come to the right place. Pepe's is all about great tasting, flavourful chicken. We've got seven unique flavours, from mild to wild, for every taste and palate.

Lemon & Herb

Experience the taste of fresh herbs blended with zesty lemon to give a beautifully rounded taste without any heat.

Mango & Lime

A taste of the Caribbean for those wanting full flavour with just a hint of heat.


Experience the unique taste of the Piri Piri chili with a gentle spice level.


Enjoy the full flavour and heat of the Piri Piri chili with a heat level suitable for most palates.


Start to experience the depth of taste and fieriness that a Piri Piri chili can deliver.

Extra Hot

Not for the faint of heart. Though small, the Piri Piri chili can deliver a big whopping punch of taste and heat.


Buckle up. This is only for those who want the ultimate Piri Piri experience.

We're obviously proud of our unique sauces, but they're just one layer of the extraordinary flavour of Pepe's Chicken. First, we marinate our chicken for 24 hours in our base marinade, long enough for the flavours to soak to the bone and infuse every bite. Then we grill the chicken to perfection over an open flame with your choice of flavours and spice.

And it's not just chicken. We also offer a full range of vegetarian options on our menu. You'll find the same great flavours, the same fresh ingredients and the same distinct sauces, but in a diet that suits your lifestyle.